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Springtime Allergies

Fox 19 News Video Transcript

Intro: The weather is warming up and as Katherine said, you know what that means: allergies. I’m sure you’ve seen folks around you, just sneezing, coughing. Well, we have allergy doctor Ashish Mathur here to discuss some ways you can avoid all that sniffling and sneezing. Good morning to you. So glad you are here with us to talk about it.

Jessica Brown: Now is the time. A lot of folks. I’m seeing it here the office. People are coughing, sneezing. What are you seeing right now?

Dr. Ashish Mathur:  We are seeing a lot of nasal congestion. People tell me that their nose just drips like a faucet. Coughing, wheezing, a lot of skin itching. A lot of my patients, because they can’t breathe, they are having a lot of [symptoms] – you feel run down, you feel fatigued, even irritable because you can’t breathe.

Jessica Brown: Absolutely. So, is there anything new this season that folks should be mindful of if they are, you know, easily allergic to certain things that are in our area?

Dr. Ashish Mathur: So you know with this warmer winter that we had, you know, in February you kind of get primed if you’re allergic to the fruit pollens, and so once that weather hits again then you’re going to have a much bigger response. You’re going to have a lot more symptoms earlier on and our season is probably going to last longer this year also.

Jessica Brown: Oh, something to look into especially if this is a trouble area for you. How do we fight it? That’s the big question. How do we treat this?

Dr. Ashish Mathur: So, it’s important to identify what you’re allergic to. So, we’ve been figuring out what best to avoid. But, the pollens are really difficult to avoid, so prevention is important. If you know you’re allergic to tree pollens then we like to start medications a couple weeks before the allergy season starts. Washing, taking a bath after you are outside. Doing sinus rinses to wash that pollen out are very helpful. But, avoidance measures, medications like inhalers, nasal sprays and allergy immunotherapy and allergy shots are really important. So, sometimes if you’ve got severe symptoms, you do all three together in combination. And allergy shots are great because they make you not allergic anymore. They really improve our patients’ quality of life. It’s a more natural way to treat. Individualized treatment is one of our goals.

Jessica Brown: See, I love that you said “Doing things that are preventative,” because I think sometimes we’re always reacting to the situation. I’m sure you’re seeing that a lot. So, get ahead of it. Go in. Now is probably the time to contact your doctor to get that kind of help you were just talking about.

Dr. Ashish Mathur: Exactly and some patients are always allergic to their cat or their dog. It’s hard to avoid those [situations], and so it’s important to keep them out of the bedroom can be really helpful. But, most people are going to get rid of their allergies before they get rid of their pet. You know, they are part of the family. We figure out what best works for you.

Jessica Brown: Absolutely. And sometimes I feel like depending on the season, you get shocked at what you’re allergic to that you didn’t know you were beforehand. That happened to me here.

Dr. Ashish Mathur: Absolutely. It can change overtime and sometimes it’s surprising. You may think you are allergic to your dog, but really it’s the pollen your dog is bringing in that’s causing a lot of your symptoms.

Jessica Brown: There you have it. By the way, you’re going to be at this health expo at Washington Park coming up here later this month giving this kind of advice, right?

Dr. Ashish Mathur: Yes, thank you for bringing that up. Saturday, April 29, we are going to be doing – it’s our first time there – we’re going to be doing lung function testing for free, screen for asthma and talk about allergies and talk about what’s going to work best for prevention and treatment of allergies to help our patients most.

Jessica Brown: So you do not want to miss this. This is free, you know. A great event to get that kind of information. Again, free lung function testing to screen for asthma. Really important. Dr. Mathur will be there to give you advice about that as well.  Thank you so much for coming in to talk to us about that. Hopefully, this helps you guys out. Alleviates any of that sneezing.