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Exercise-induced Asthma

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Exercise-induced asthma? We’ll get you back in the groove in no time.

So, you want to check out some Cincinnati bike trails, hit the gym, or log some running miles? No matter what your favorite fitness fix is, the last thing you want to worry about is exercise-induced asthma.

Exercise-induced asthma usually flares up about 5-20 minutes after you’ve started exercising, or it can even begin 5-10 minutes after you’ve finished (tricky, huh?). It can derail even the most devoted fitness buffs.

If you’re unsure whether you’ve experienced exercise-induced asthma, here are the typical symptoms:
• Coughing with asthma
• Tightening of the chest
• Wheezing
• Unusual fatigue while exercising
• Shortness of breath when exercising

Why does exercise-induced asthma happen?
Here’s the quick explanation. When we aren’t exercising, we breathe through our noses. Our noses naturally warm up and moisten the air before it hits our airways. But, when exercising, we typically breathe through our mouths. That air is naturally colder and drier, and it doesn’t have a chance to be warmed up. With exercise-induced asthma, the muscles around the airways are more sensitive to those changes in the temperature and humidity of the air we’re breathing. So, those muscles contract, and your airways narrow.

How can I treat exercise-induced asthma?
Luckily, it can be treated and there’s no need to scale back on your exercise regimen. Our board-certified allergists can develop a prevention plan to get you back in the game. Both asthma inhalers and bronchodilators can be used before exercise to keep airways clear, and there are multiple medications that can be taken on an ongoing basis for long-term prevention. Together, we’ll find the treatment plan that’s best for you. With four locations in Cincinnati and one in Richmond, Indiana, we can help you keep your exercise-induced asthma under control.

If you suspect you might have exercise-induced asthma, make an appointment today.