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Moving to Cincinnati? (Or you just did?)

The Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati

Are you moving to Cincinnati and need to transfer care to another allergist? Whether your move is for a work transfer or you’re going to college in Cincinnati, our board certified allergists can cover all of your allergy needs – including allergy shots.

Do You Need Allergy Shots?

If you are not currently on allergy shots, we can discuss your treatment options and help you with what allergens you might encounter in this area. Then, we can recommend a treatment plan that’s best for you.

If you’re wondering where you can get allergy shots now that you’ve moved to Cincinnati, we can help there, too. Bring your vials to us, and you’ll have a consultation with one of our doctors. You’ll likely continue with your current allergy shots. Instead of retesting and making you go through the build-up doses again, we will finish out your current vials from your previous allergist. Then, we can try to get the recipe from them and recreate the vials based on their orders.

When we change over to our vials, we do a short 5-step build-up to be safe. However, we don’t require retesting and a full build-up. You can stay on your current schedule. As long as you continue to do well, we will keep using those allergy shots. If you ever have increased allergy symptoms in the future, of course, we can re-test you at that time to see if your allergy shots should be changed in any way.

There’s no need to research how to get allergy shots. We can help!

Also, we are happy to give allergy shots to you if you are in the area for school or work temporarily. After a short visit with one of the doctors, we can make sure you continue with your shots while you are here in Cincinnati.

We’re So Glad You Moved to Cincinnati!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Cincinnati. Let us know how we can best help you. To find out how our board certified allergists can relieve your symptoms or how you can get allergy shots now that you’ve moved to Cincinnati, make an appointment today at one of our four Cincinnati locations or our Richmond, Indiana location.

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