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Should I See a Board Certified Allergist?

Should I See a Board Certified Allergist? To be honest, most people don’t realize that board-certified allergists exist. It’s like they’re not real, like Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster. Or, loads of other people assume that all allergists/immunologists are...

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How to Allergy-Proof Your Life

Learn How to Allergy-Proof Your Life You know those days when you're feeling ah-may-zing?!? It puts a huge smile on your face. Welp, that's what happens when you figure out how to allergy-proof your life. As it turns out, allergens are all around us. But, there is a...

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Preparing for Summer Camps: Allergy & Asthma Edition

If you have kids, you're probably already thinking about summer plans. Even if kids have allergies or asthma, those summer plans should be able to include summer camp. If you're planning to send your kids to camp this summer, then now is the time to create an action...

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Spring into Spring Cleaning!

  Spring has sprung (or so we’ve been told)! Along with the spring buds and blooms comes allergy symptoms. To help our patients minimize the effect of spring allergies, we’re offering a week of handy tips. First up? Spring cleaning. People often associate it with...

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How to Tackle Spring Allergies

Happy first day of spring! In spite of the snow and cold weather, spring allergy season is upon us. Contrary to popular belief, the time to deal with spring allergies is before they start. This morning, Allergy & Asthma Care's Dr. Ashish Mathur appeared on FOX19...

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Oh, Baby! Pregnancy & Asthma

It’s an exciting time for you and your family – you’re going to have a baby! During that time, there will be many changes to your body. One you might not think about is pregnancy-induced asthma. Or you may already be dealing with asthma and don’t know it. The exact...

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