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Allergy & Asthma Coupon Savings

We understand that medication expenses can add up, so we’re committed to helping you locate cost savings wherever possible. Check out the coupons below. Also, make sure you call different pharmacies, as prices can be drastically different from pharmacy to pharmacy. Click on the medication name to find manufacturer coupons for allergy and asthma medications:


Allegra (generic available)



Claritin (generic available)

Dulera Epi-pen (not online, ask at office)



If you don’t have prescription drug coverage, try looking at Partnership for Prescription Assistance to see if they can help. If the medicine you were prescribed for your allergies and asthma is not on this list, we could not find a manufacturer coupon. Trying searching for the product name to see if you can find any other coupons. Please let us know if any of our links are outdated or if you find any new ones that may help our Allergy & Asthma Care patients. Thank you!

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